Edmund Dawe



“sensitive, engaging, virtuoso.”

La Scena Musicale

“In Dawe’s hands the many moods of the music were expressed with brilliance and clarity and a distinct picture emerged… He commanded the keyboard. He showed such confidence from the first bars he played that he had his audience at his command as well. The music seemed to flow right through Dawe to the keyboard. A standing ovation was rewarded with an encore. It was a fine night for the piano and the pianist.”

Sudbury Star

“A spirited, but poetic reading of the Liszt Concerto No. 1 in E flat was just one of the highlights of the opening concert of a new season. [Dawe] is a thoughtful and exceptionally fine keyboard artist; and gave a splendid reading of the popular work by the Hungarian composer. It was a performance in the grand manner, but without the trappings of overwhelming pianistic acrobatics.”

The Evening Times-Globe

“Alberto Ginastera’s Sonata No. 2 was a wonderful musical outlet for Dr. Dawe. Combining heavy rhythmic fierceness with controlled and delicate tone clusters, the work offered a wide range of emotions to explore. The overall excitement of the composition, brilliantly played, was the highlight of the hour-long performance. The concert was greatly enhanced by the verbal program notes presented by Dr. Dawe before each work.”

The Daily Gleaner


“Dawe’s sensitively modulated accompaniment gave mezzo-soprano [Marcia] Swanston the highest degree of interpretive support. Swanston and Dawe gave it the clearest, cleanest interpretation one could hope for.”

Halifax Chronicle

“It was a stroke of luck for Andernach music lovers that the two artists [Edmund Dawe and violinist Oleg Pokhanovski] could be featured on this concert. The audience thanked the artists for their virtuoso mastery with sustained applause.”

Blick aktuell, Andernach