Edmund Dawe


Having taught piano and piano pedagogy for over 3 decades, Edmund shares his ideas, experiences and research in his podcast, For Piano Teachers. Launched in February 2021, the podcast now has listeners and subscribers in 105 countries. The podcast can be found here

Podcast Episodes:

Episode 1: Priorities and Perspectives

Episode 2: Common Themes Past and Present

Episode 3: Music Detectives

Episode 4: A Piano Teacher's Passport

Episode 5: A Beginner's Foundation

Episode 6: Memory Work

Episode 7: Student Progress in the "Do-It-Yourself" Days

Episode 8: Music Examinations: Five Important Players

Episode 9: Dialogue with Parents

Episode 10: The Stress of Performances

Episode 11: An Adolescent's Soundtrack

Episode 12: Teaching the Art of Performance

Episode 13: Thoughts on Competitions

Episode 14: The World of the Adult Student

Episode 15: Student Motivation

Episode 16: Helping Students Become Better Listeners